US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit



Case Num. Parties Keywords Date


US v. Medina-Martinez Criminal Law; Sufficiency of evidence; Jury instructions 2005/01/06
03-2385.01A Rojas-Ithier v. Sociedad Espanola Medical Malpractice; Summary judgment 2005/01/06
04-1486.01A Perez-Olivo v. Chavez Habeas Corpus; Good Conduct Time 2005/01/07
04-1382.01A Cruz-Ramos v. Barnhart Social Security; Denial of disability; 2005/01/11
04-1486.01A Perez-Olivo v. US Habeas Corpus; Good Conduct Time 2005/01/11
03-2568.01A Caraballo-Seda v. Rivera Interlocutory appeal; Exhaustion of administrative remedies; Workforce Investment Act; First Amendment 2005/01/12
03-2568.01A Delgado-Greo v. Trujillo Interlocutory appeal; Exhaustion of administrative remedies; Workforce Investment Act; First Amendment  2005/01/12
04-1554.01A US v. Laguna-Estela Criminal Law; Doubl Jeopardy; 2005/01/12
03-2246.01A Mercado-Alicea v. PR Tourism Co Civil rights; Political discrimination; Summary judgement; Failure to comply with Local Rule 311.12 2005/01/27
04-1367.01A R.R. Isla Verde v. Howard Johnson Inter Tortious interference with contractual relations 2005/01/27
03-2520.01A Nieves-Luciano v. Hernandez-Torres Civil rights; Poliitical discrimination 2005/01/28
04-2610.01A Rossello-Gonzalez v. The PR Electoral Com Electoral law; Petition for mandamus; Federal Jurisdiction over 1983 claims; 2005/01/31
03-2676.01A US v. Male Juvenile E.L.C. Criminal law; Juveniles; Transfer to adult status for prosecution 2005/02/03
04-1046.01A Guzman-Rosario v. United Parcel Civil Rights; American with Disabiilities Act; Rehabilitation Act 2005/02/03
04-1486ERR.01A Perez-Olivo v. Chavez Errata 2005/02/03
03-2625.01A Home Insurance v. Pan American Torts; Breach of settlement agreement; Fraudulent inducement 2005/02/04
04-1275.01A Torrens v. Martin Marietta Jurisdiction; Federal enclave; Labor law; wage and hour claim 2005/02/07
04-1455.01A Hernandez-Santiago v. Ecolab, Inc. Subject matter jurisdiction 2005/02/07
02-2592.01A Torres-Fuentes v. KIA Motors, Inc. Magnuson- Moss Warranty Act; Dismissal without prejudice 2005/02/08
03-2544.01A US v. Rivera-Rangel   2005/02/08
03-2422.01A Diaz-Seijo v. Fajardo-Velez   2005/02/09
04-1045.01A Arroyo-Melecio v. Puerto Rican America   2005/02/14
04-1526.01A Rio Grande Community v. Commonwealth of PR   2005/02/14
03-2680.01A Otero-Varcalcel v. Cantero-Frau   2005/02/18
03-2223.01A Rodriguez-Torres v. Caribbean Forms   2005/02/22
03-1584.01A  US v. Vega   2005/02/24
03-1584.01A US v. Fernandez-Carrera   2005/02/24
02-1744.01A Instituto de Educacion v. Great Lakes Higher   2005/03/04
02-2286.01A US v. Serrano-Beauvaix   2005/03/04
02-2286.01A US v. Flecha-Maldonado   2005/03/04
02-2286.01A US v. Juma-Pineda   2005/03/04
03-2611.01A Alsina-Ortiz v. Laboy   2005/03/09
03-2679.01A de Jesus Rentas v. Baxter Pharmacy   2005/03/09
04-2085.01A US v. Terreforte-Quidgley   2005/03/11
02-2693.01A US v. Rodriguez-Leon   2005/03/17
04-1821.01A Nogueras-Cartagena v. US   2005/03/22
03-2256.01A Rodriguez v. American Internation   2005/03/23
03-1471.01A Rivera Domenech v. Calvesbert Law   2005/03/29
04-1028.01A Rodriguez-Quinones v. Jimenez & Ruiz, S.E.   2005/03/29
04-1843.01A Rivera-Alicea v. US   2005/03/29
03-2173.01A US v. Gonzalez-Mercado   2005/04/01
04-1289.01A US v. Figueroa-de-la-Cruz   2005/04/01
02-2658.01A US v. Cruzado-Laureano   2005/04/05
02-2112.01A US v. Santiago-Vazquez   2005/04/07
03-2678.01A US v. Negron-Narvaez   2005/04/07
02-1105.01A US v. Mercado-Irizarry, Vazquez-Mendez, Morera-Vigo    2005/04/11
02-2112 US v. Santiago-Vazquez Criminal Law; Accummulation of trial errors as due process violation; Challenge to special verdict form; Plain error analysis; Sentencing enhancement; Ineffective trial counsel 2005/04/11
04-1018 US v. Vegerano-Rodriguez Criminal law; Denial of evidentiary hearing; Substantial Assistance; 2005/04/13
04-1843ORDER.01A Rivera-Alicea v. US Order mandating publication of prior opinion of March 29, 2005 2005/04/13
04-2087 Ronda-Perez v. Banco Bilbao Labor and employment law; Age discrimination; Summary judgment; Evidence of pretext 2005/04/13
02-1393 US v. Cacho Bonilla, Perez-Quintana Criminal law; Sufficiency of evidence; Mail fraud; "Amount of loss" calculation; Defininition of Federal Funds; Return of fraudulent property and sentencing impact of same 2005/04/14
02-1846 Cirilo Muñoz v. US Criminal law; Ineffective assistance of counsel 2005/04/15
04-1967 Centro Medico del Turabo v. Feliciano de Melecio Civil rights claims; Dismissal for failure to state a claim; Statute of limitations; Procedural due process; Substantive due process; Equal protection; First Amendement 2005/04/19
04-1175 Ortiz Garcia v. Toledo Fernandez et al. Political discrimination; Inferior work environment; Substantially changed working conditions; Unwarranted discipline 2005/04/19
03-2723 US v. Figuereo Criminal law; Sentencing enhancement; Criminal history points; Applicability of Booker; Drug testing and treatment release condition 2005/04/19
04-1274 Gonzalez-Rucci v. INS Federal Tort Claims Act; Malicious prosecution; Abuse of process; Denial of Rule 60(b) relief 2005/04/21
04-1772 Jorge v. Rumsfeld Employment discrimination; Age discrimination; Statute of limitations; Accrual date; Involuntary retirement and constructive discharge; Effect of voluntary dismissal without prejudice; Failure to exhaust administrative remedies 2005/04/21
04-1695 Prado-Alvarez v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co Tort claims; Tobacco litigation; Failure to warn; Design defect; Common knowledge of dangers; Qualifications of expert 2005/04/21
04-1633 Lopez-Gonzalez v. Municipality of Comerio Civil rights; Statute of limitations; Dismissal without prejudice as sanction; Effect of said dismissal on running of statue of limitations 2005/04/21
03-2542 Walgreen Co. v. Rullan Civil Rights; Constitutionality of certificate of necessity and convenience; Interference with interstate commerce; 2005/04/22
03-1790 US v. Caro-Muniz Criminal law; Constitutionality of bribery statute; Failure to conduct in camera review of tape recordings; Sentencing enhancement 2005/04/22
04-2086 Disabled Americans v. Ferries del Caribe Civil Rights; American with Disabilities Act; Cruise ships 2005/04/26
03-2627 Torres-Rivera et al. v. Gomez-Cora et al. Civil Rights; Use of excessive force; Failure to intervene; Adequate notice of claim;Jury Instructions; "Objective Reasonableness" Standard; "Shock the conscience" Standard; Qualified immunity 2005/05/03
04-1922 Able Sales v. Compania de Azucar de Puerto Rico Federal jurisdiction; Subject Matter Jurisdiction; "in commerce" requirement 2005/05/06
04-1604 & 04-1635 Castro Rivera et al. v. Fagundo et al. Dismissal of federal claims; Just compensation; Procedural and substantive due process; Incorrect state decision not a due process violation 2005/05/06
04-2437 Kuilan-nevarez v.Sec'y of the Dept. of Veterans Affairs Civil procedure; Failure to file motion for judgment as a matter of law or motion for new trial 2005/05/06
04-1603 Gonzalez-Pina v. Guillermo-Rodriquez, Civil rights; Political discrimination; Res judicata; Collateral Estoppel; Sufficiency of Evidence; New evidence; 2005/05/11
04-2186 Igartua de la Rosa et al v. USA Appellate procedure; En Banc Hearings 2005/05/12
04-1038 USA v. Ayala-Pizarro Criminal law; Expert Testimony; Lay opinion; Remand to correct delegation error 2005/05/12
03-1516 Ramiez et al. v. Debs-Elias Medical malpractice; Motion for mistrial; Hearsay; Sanctions for frivolous appeal 2005/05/12
04-1698 Pena-Crespo v. Commonwealth of PR National Origin Discrimination; Civil Procedure; Expert Witnesses; Expert Witness report; Exclusion of Expert Witness 2005/05/18
02-2505 & 02-2506 USA v. Vaquez Guadalupe/Pacheco-Diaz Criminal Law; Spanish recording of conversations; Translation to English; Court Reporter Act; Sentencing entrapment or manipulation 2005/05/18
02-1818 USA v. Vazquez-Rivera Criminal Law; Improper vouching testimony; Inadmissible hearsay; Vouching during closing argument; Reference to murder conviction; Improper appeal to jury's passion and prejudice; Booker challenge 2005/05/18
03-1625, 03-1649, 03-1650 & 03-1947 USA v. Vega-Molina; Villega-Angulo; Rodriguez-Matos; Zuniga-Bruno Criminal law; Sixth Amendment; Confrontation clause; Out of court statement of non-testifying defendant; Restriction on cross examinations; Ex Post Facto clause; Sufficiency of the evidence; Ineffective assistance of counsel; Severance; Speedy trial violation; Sentencing (Booker); Refusal of continuance; Role in the offense; 2005/05/19
02-2027 USA v. Uribe-Londono Criminal law; Improper involvement of court in plea bargaining; Ineffective assistance of counsel; Failure to advise of consequence of plea on immigration status 2005/05/20
03-2713, 04-1231 & 04-1232 Antilles Cement v. Governer of Comm. of PR Dormant Foreign Commerce Clause; Market participation exception; Buy American Act 2005/05/25
04-1925 Jewelers Mutual Insurance Co. et al v. Integrand Assurance et al. Contract Law; Depositum contract; Bailment; Deposited goods; Standard of Care; Duty to defend claim; Indemnification claim 2005/05/25
04-2385 Colon Ortiz v. Rosario et al. Civil Rights; Political Discrimination; Motion for summary judgment; Relief from summary judgment; Untimely opposition to summary judgment; 2005/05/27
04-1306 IN RE FRANCO Disciplinary proceeding; Judicial notice; Allegation as to other negligent acts of the attorney in other cases 2005/05/27
03-1979 Federacion de Maestros v. Junta de Relaciones del Trabajo Federal Jurisdiction; Review of State Court judgments; Rooker-Feldman Doctrine; Preclusive Effect; Exxon Mobil doctrine; Test of finallity 2005/05/27
03-1069 USA v. Fornia-Castillo Criminal Law; Validity of consent to search; Miranda rights; Ineffective assistance of counsel; Constructive Amendment/Prejudicial variance; Double Jeopardy; Sentencing; Booker error 2005/05/27
04-1630 Mercado et al., v. Ritz-Carlton San Juan Civil rights; Discrimination; Statute of limitations; Equitable tolling; Waiver of defense before the EEOC; Failure to post mandatory notices of employees'  rights 2005/05/31
04-1792 Estades-Negroni v. CPC Hospital San Juan Capestrano et al. Civil rights; Involuntary commitment; Acting under color of state law; State compulsion test; Nexus/Joint action test; Public function test 2005/05/31
04-1193 Camacho-Rodriguez et al v. Potter et al American with Disabilities Act; Inability to lift heavy objects 2005/06/03
04-1733 Sanchez v. USA Federal Tort Claims Act 2005/06/03
04-1688 Diaz-Rodriguez et al v. Pep Boys et al Breach of Contract; Diversity Jurisdiction; Corporation's principal place of business 2005/06/03
04-1697 El Dia v. PR Dept. of Consumer Affairs et al. First Amendment; Commercial Speech; Impermissible Restriction; Litigation related bonds; Central Hudson test 2005/06/03
03-1230, 03-1231 & 031340 US v. Villafane-Jimenez, et al. Estoppel by Entrapment Defense; Challenges to elements of sentence; Blakely/Booker challenges; Sentencing manipulation; Conditions of supervised release; 2005/06/07
04-2352 Torres-Rivera et al v. Calderon-Serra et al. Civil Rights Claim; Political discrimination; First Amendment Right; Immunity of governor for signing law; Law changing composition of Industrial Commission; Constitutionality of law; Void-for-vagueness action; Qualified Immunity; 2005/06/14
04-1997 Menedez et al v. Scotiabank of PR et al Employment Discrimination; Statute of limitations 2005/06/14
04-2005 Cespedes Rodriguez v. Rivera Hernandez et al. Civil Rights Claim; Political discrimination; Pretext evidence 2005/06/14
02-2075 USA v. Muriel-Cruz Criminal Law; Mental competency hearing; Motion to supplement record on appeal; 2005/06/15
04-1793 Ruiz-Casillas v Camacho-Morales et al Civil Rights Claim; Political discrimination; First amendment rights; Political position; Due process; Qualified immunity 2005/06/30
03-2387 USA v. Alvarez-Cuevas Criminal Law; Sentencing Guidelines; Booker; Hostage taking; Ineffective assistance of counsel in sentencing; Sentencing departure 2005/06/30
04-2432 Tavarez v. Comm. of Social Security Social Security disability benefits; mental impairment 2005/06/30
04-1401 Cepero-Rivera et al v. Fagundo et al. Civil rights claim, Political discrimination; Prima facie case of political discrimination; Sua sponte dismissal; Due process; 2005/07/01
03-1006 USA v. Pacheco Criminal law, sentencing guidelines 2005/07/01
04-1068, US v. Garcia-Marcucci Criminal Law; Plea Bargaining; Existence of plea; Involuntary plea 2005/07/05
04-2587 SFW Arecibo, Ltd. et al., v. Rodriguez, et al. Property Rights; Taking; Procedural Due Process; Substantive Due Process; Equal protection of law 2005/07/14
04-2303 Municipality of San Juan v. Corporacion Para el Fomento Economico de la Ciudad Capital Civil Procedure; Finality of a dismissal without prejudice; Arbitration; Arbitrability of claim 2005/07/14
04-2494 Marcano-Rivera et al v. Turabo Medical Center Partnership et al Medical malpractice; Motion for judgment as a matter of law; Motion for new trial or remittitur; Standard of care owed to patients; Causation; Admission of expert testimony; Apportionment of liability; Excessiveness of damages 2005/07/15
04-1366 US v. Rosado-Sierra Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act; Genuine issue of material fact 2005/07/20
04-1413 US v. Vega-Mejias Criminal Law; Advise on consecuences of plea; Effective assistance of counsel; 2005/07/22
04-2375 Cruz-Queipo et al v. Hospital Espanol Mutuo de Puerto Rico. EMTALA; EMTALA Screening Claim; Refusal to follow screening procedures; EMTALA stabilization claim 2005/07/27
04-2186 Igartua De La Rosa et al v. USA Constitutional Law; Right to Vote for President 2005/08/03
04-1597, 04-2136 & 04-2137 Liberty Cablevision v. Municipality of Caguas; Municipality of Barceloneta Cable Communications Policy Act; Municipal tax over right of way; Preemption; Cable modem service; Information Service Providers; Taking and just compensation 2005/08/09
03-2684 Maldonado-Pagan v. Malave State Habeas Corpus; Exhaustion of state remedies 2005/08/09
03-2719 US v. Gomez-Rosario Criminal Law; Right to proceed pro se; Screening of pro se motions; Constructive amendment of Indictment; Sufficiency of the evidence; Pre-Indictment Delay; Propriety of sentence 2005/08/12
04-2582 Cordero-Soto v. Island Finance Labor Law; Age Discrimination; Summary Judgment; Unopposed motion for summary judgment; Pretext 2005/08/12


03-2436 USA v. De Los Santos Criminal Law; Blakely Claim; Booker claim; Drug testing condition of supervised release 2005/08/24
04-2104 & 04-2105 Francheschi et al v. Hospital General San Carlos, et al. Contract Law; Arbitration; Forfeiture of arbitration claim; Judgment as a matter of law; Award for emotional distress; Contractual damages 2005/08/24
03-2245 USA v. Delgado-Hernandez Criminal Law; Guilty pleas; Rule 11; Plain error review; Supression of evidence; Supplementation of record during direct appeal; Firearms possession charge; 2005/08/24
04-2576 Redondo-Borges et al v. US Dept of Housing and Urban Development. Dismissal for failure to state a claim; Waiver of claims; Constitutional claims against federal defendants; Section 1983 claims against Commonwealth Defendants; 11th Amendment Immunity; Effective debarment from government contracting; Non-responsible bidder determination; Recission of bid award 2005/08/26
04-1853 USA v. Perez-Ruiz Criminal Law; Sentencing adequacy; Booker claim; Fair warning; Drug quantity attributed to defendant; Pre-sentence report error 2005/08/26
04-1489 USA v. Pena-Hernandez Criminal Law; Sentencing Guidelines; Guidelines calculation error; Safety-Valve Elegibility 2005/08/26
04-1773 Velez-Diaz et al. v. Vega-Irizarry Damages; Civil Procedure; Westfall Act Substitution; Jurisdiction over interlocutory appeals; Biven's Claim; Standing to appeal; Qualified immunity 2005/09/02
04-1934 & 04-1935 Venegas-Hernandez et al v. Asociacion de Compositores y Editores et al. Copyrights; Ownership of copyrights; Renewal of copyright; 2005/09/16
04-2575 Davila-Rivera et al v. Caribbean Refrescos et al. Labor law; Handicap Discrimination; ADA; Major life activity; Carpal tunnel syndrome; Depression; Supplemental jurisdiction 2005/09/16
03-1841 Tejada-Batista v. Fuentes-Agostini Civil Rights; First Amendment rights; "But For" test; Multiple actors with multiple motives; sequence of actors; Qualified immunity 2005/09/20
04-1037 USA v. Rodriguez-Casiano Criminal Law; Hobbs Act; Robbery as affecting commerce 2005/10/04
05-1495 Vazquez-Rosario v. Barnhart Social Security claim; Nonexertional limitations; Impact on occupational base 2005/10/04
04-2703 US v. Rosa-Agosto Criminal Law; Sentencing 2005/10/04
02-1677, 02-1717 02-1677, 02-1717, US v. Casas; 02-1708, US v. Bonilla-Lugo; 02-1716, US v. Correy; 02-1996, US v. Pizarro-Morales; 02-1997, US v. Flores-Plaza; 02-2124, US v. Nicolai-Cabassa Criminal Law; Speedy Trial Act; Sixth Amendment right to a speedy trial; Motion to sever; Prosecutorial misconduct; Deception of court; Failure to disclose immunity agreement; Violation of sequestration order; Offering false testimony; Preservation of evidence; Innapropriate gestures; Juror misconduct; Newly discovered evidence; Reassignment for sentencing; Booker challenge;  2005/10/07
03-2538 US v. Vega-Martinez Criminal Law; Setting aside plea; Booker challenge 2005/10/07
03-2464 US v. Vega-Ortiz Criminal Law; Sentencing; Drug testing condition; Delegation to probation officer authority to determine number of drug tests; Conflict of pronouncement of sentence with written judgment 2005/10/07
04-2584 Ramiez Rodriguez v. Boehringer Age Discrimination in Employment; Motion to compel discovery; Motion in limine; Pretext for termination; Discriminatory comments; Disparate treatment; Falsity of stated reason; Retaliation 2005/10/07
04-2378 Camacho v. Comm. of Puerto Rico   2005/10/14
04-2601 Puerto Rico Telephone et al v. US Phone Mfg. Federal Arbitration Act; Appropriate Standard for Judicial Review; Changes in judicial review provisions; Choice-of-law clause; Governing standard; Attorney's fees; 2005/10/14
04-2598 & 05-1740 US v. Santos-Rios Criminal Law; Ineffective assistance of counsel; Failure to grant de novo sentencing; Enhancement for supervisory role in the offense; Blakely/Booker error; Conditions of supervised release 2005/10/14
04-2306 & 04-2373 Gonzalez-Alvarez et al v. Rivero-Cubano et al. Taking of property; Statute of limitations; Qualified immunity 2005/10/17
04-2275 UPS v. Union de Tronquistas Arbitration; Arbitration after expiration of collective bargaining agreement; Claim for vacation earned; Arbitrability 2005/10/20
05-1962 Puerto Rico Hospital Supply v. Boston Scientific Preliminary Injunction; Choice of law; Arbitration 20005/10/21